Next Generation Strategies compliments the legacy estate planning process and unleashes the full potential of family giving.
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Next Generation Strategies evolved from the life experience of its Founder, Mark Percy

The complexity of wealth and privilege, both the advantages and challenges, was reality for Mark growing up in a family headed by a prominent corporate Chicago-based CEO, who later became a very public political figure. Other relatives of Mark married into the Rockefeller and J.C. Penney families, providing him with additional perspectives from which to learn.       

For the past decade, Mark has dedicated himself to legacy planning in the context of strategic philanthropy and next gen preparation.  His prior 25-year business career oriented him to embrace new ways of thinking about philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, leveraging resources and working collectively with others to achieve common goals. 

Mark often works collaboratively with other accomplished and experienced advisors to design a successful wealth transition plan.  These advisors are increasingly client-centered and know that intelligent philanthropy can help a family navigate the minefields of wealth transfer, raise children without a sense of entitlement, and leave a worthy legacy across multiple generations.

Mark serves as the primary relationship manager and philanthropic consultant/advisor for all NGS clients. Partners have been carefully selected for the character and professionalism of their leaders and staff, as well as their processes, research and methodologies employed across literally hundreds of client relationships.

NGS can be trusted to listen, lend insight, share experience and empower each client to reach their full legacy potential.



Mark Percy, Founder, Next Generation Strategies, LLC

Mark Percy

For the past decade, Mark has served as an independent, non-biased philanthropic advisor to individuals and families, helping clients make significant investments to positively impact education, health care and other areas of common purpose.

During this period, he has assumed many roles to benefit his long-term clients, including serving as Executive Director of the Kay Family Foundation, Board member of the Marvin Buzz Oates Charitable Foundation, Chair of the Workforce Development Committee of the OC [Orange County] STEM Initiative based at UC Irvine, Executive Director of the OC Excellent Public Schools (OCEPS) Initiative based at Chapman University, VP Strategic Relations of the Kay Family Office and Founding member of Innovators OC. 

Excellence in Giving, one of the leading full-service philanthropic advisory firms in the U.S., has designated Mark and NGS as its (California) Regional Philanthropy Advisor.

Mark was also a co-founder of the Orange County Chapter of Advisors in Philanthropy.  When formed, in 2011, it became the first regional AiP chapter in the nation.  He served as president from 2014-2015.

From 1986 – 2008, he held executive positions primarily in privately held firms. This included president of a family business that strategically empowered U.S. companies, including United Technologies, Westinghouse, AT&T and Motorola to expand in emerging market economies, developing new business worth over $500 million for his clients. For four years, he led the government business development initiatives of a Fortune 500 corporation, adding significant value prior to the company being acquired.

Mark received his BA from Stanford University, MBA from Yale University and is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy (CAP®). He and his wife, Leslee, live in Aliso Viejo, CA and they have two adult children as well as two grandchildren.


  • I have known and worked with Mark in a variety of contexts for over 25 years. He has most recently provided extraordinary service to one of my most important family business clients. Mark’s own prominent family background and exposure enables him to understand first hand the areas of importance and sensitivity to high net worth families. He brings a unique combination of family experience, business acumen, integrity and commitment to meaningful social service that serves very well the clients of Next Generation Strategies. I recommend him without reservation.
    Michael Zacharia
    Executive Coach
  • I have known and worked together with Mark since 2009 across numerous impact-driven projects and initiatives.  Mark’s strategic thinking, global perspectives, experience-driven insights, and excellent communication have provided tremendous value towards our larger and complex initiatives.  Combined with Mark’s attributes of integrity and genuine character, he can truly be relied upon as a trusted collaborator and advisor.

    Elim Kay
    Kay Family Foundation
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Mark in both his individual and representative capacity. In every case he has brought strategic insight and thoughtful dialogue to the table, helping us, and our partners come up with better processes and outcomes to enhance our philanthropic activities. Mark has been a real asset to our philanthropic efforts.
    Gerald Solomon
    Executive Director of Samueli Foundation
  • Learning about and growing in philanthropic giving - as both a measurable, data rich enterprise and a moral one - with Next Generation Strategies has been an absolute pleasure. Mark Percy will guide and support you on your journeys in philanthropy with his exceptional combination of smarts, warmth, and integrity.
    Ryan Gillespie
    G3 Family Foundation Board Member
  • I have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing and working with Mark for the past 5+ years.  Our family foundation has benefited greatly from Mark's knowledge, counsel, and relationships in the non-profit field.  Mark's collaborative approach and interactive style adds a valuable perspective towards strategic planning and problem solving as well.
    John Long
    Long Family Foundation
  • Mark Percy has been, and continues to be, an extremely innovative, insightful, and thoughtful collaborator in our family's philanthropic endeavors.  Mark possesses a vast knowledge base, access to expertise, and the leadership skills that have proven to be invaluable in our pursuit of improving educational outcomes for under-served students in Orange County's poorest communities. It is the greatest of pleasures to work with Mark.  His openness  and patience encourages collaborative problem solving; it is a style that reflects his superior professionalism, integrity, and sincerity of purpose that culminates in leadership that brings positive results.
    Pamela and Andrew Horowitz
    Venture Philanthropists
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What does "Giving With Purpose” mean and why does it have value? 

NGS believes this potential is worthy of our best collective efforts and is as much a win for a client’s chosen community as it is for their family.

  1. Impact and Satisfaction - with greater effectiveness comes greater enjoyment and confidence, especially as clients become more focused and proactive and see the tangible result of their generosity. A recent study by U.S. Trust found that higher levels of charitable giving knowledge (including “monitor giving” and “believe giving is having intended impact”) correlate with greater personal fulfillment; yet only 14% of givers consider themselves to be Expert.  
  2. Prepared Next Gen – without diminishing the practice or goals of philanthropy, a widely overlooked additional use of philanthropy is to build character, responsibility, accountability and leadership skills in the next generation. On the road to effective philanthropy, there are surprising opportunities for children and young adults to learn significant life lessons. Yet the same U.S. Trust study found that far more individuals reported not involving their younger relatives in their giving (72%) than those who do (28%). Of those who do involve family members, the majority found the experience personally rewarding (77%).

These two outcomes of philanthropy are literally priceless and should be naturally linked, but almost never are.  That’s where NGS can help. We know how to unify, motivate and mobilize families so that they can give wisely to meaningful endeavors with passion and laser-like focus.


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